February 02, 2009

Notting Hill Carnival 200?


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October 08, 2008

Wasn' Us.


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September 02, 2008

Nursery Rhyme Time


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August 08, 2008

Immortality Helmet


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July 08, 2008

Wrap Video

How to tie a 6m Girasol wrap.

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Girasol Custom-Made 6m Wraps for Sale


High quality Girasol wraparound slings, handwoven in Guatemala:

- pure cotton, neither pre-bleached nor chemically trimmed

- woven on the bias for stability and elasticity

- ends tapered and edges strengthened with doubled seam

- can machine wash up to 60C

- extra length to compensate for for shrinking (this is normal for natural, unbleached cotton)

- dyes free of formaldehyde, halogen-organic compounds, aromatic amine or optical brighteners

- choice of 10 colours/designs

Price: 69.99 including P&P in the UK.

If you are interested, please leave a comment or search for "Girasol Custom-Made 6m Wrap" on eBay.co.uk

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June 25, 2008


The Interactive Way To Go
by Hiroki Mori (Email: moriplaygo.to)

Here, you can surely learn to play Go because you can actually play.


Before you begin, please remember just 3 rules below.

* Two players (black and white) take turns, placing one stone on the board at a time.

* A stone must be placed on the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines.

* Once a stone is placed, you can't move it, although under some conditions it may be removed.

They are just too easy, aren't they?

Now, you understand half the rules of Go!

learn the rest.

and then play GnuGo online!

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